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Watermelon Slime for Kids

50 Delicious New Ways to Have Meatballs for Dinner

This Meditation Will Reacquaint You With Your Subtle Energetic Body

Follow along with yoga teacher Kristin Leal as she guides the way inward.

Lowering Inflammation Is a Benefit of Fermented Foods

The benefits of fermented foods begin with improving your gut flora—and also include reducing inflammation and boosting immunity.

Do you order food at home These 5 tips will prevent you from gaining weight

How can we be wise to make healthy choices and leave the craving behind?

Learn How to Clean a Wood Table and Preserve Your Furniture for the Long Term

A well-made wood table is a real investment and to keep it looking good for the next generation, it’s important to know how to clean wood tables. While

Three Yoga Poses That Will Kickstart Your Morning When You Don rsquo t Want To Get Out of Bed

When you wake up and feel tired, it’s good to get moving. You may not want to do a full on workout right away so instead, do a few yoga poses that will help you feel energized. Buzz60’s Johana...

Slow Cooker 2

Slow Cooker 2-Ingredient Balsamic Chicken--tender, moist bites of shredded chicken flavored with a light balsamic dressing made in the crockpot.

Here rsquo s how much replacing the front door will boost your home rsquo s value

That classic Dutch option is calling your name.


Why the press needs to shed ingrained habits to meet the defining crisis of our time.

40 Ways To Overcome Junk Food Cravings

Use these 40 tips to overcome your junk food cravings and finally be free from those nagging feelings of hunger and craving.

A scientist unearths potential evidence for the earliest animal life

Scientist Elizabeth Turner found fossilized evidence of 890-million-year-old sponges. These are possibly the earliest known evidence of animal life on Earth.

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