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Analysis Mike Lindell alleged widespread voter fraud in Alabama The GOP secretary of state says he s dead wrong

Rihanna Is Bolder Than Ever in a Lace Bodysuit Thigh

10 Household Facts That Will Surprise You

Think you know everything about your home? Some things might surprise you — like the expiration date on bottled water. Here are a few fun facts for in and around the home.

This British designer rsquo s Majorca home is a crash course in pattern mixing

Get whisked away in a rainbow of colors.

Plot Twist Making the Kitchen Less Like a Kitchen is a Big Pinterest Trend

The next big kitchen trend, according to Pinterest, is the complete opposite of open shelving.

The Cost of One Hotdog 48 Minutes of Healthy Life

New research estimates the benefits of better eating, down to the minute

The Odd Power of Loneliness Can Change the Way You Think

Getting to know this often-understood state of mind can have major benefits

Do you have bipolar disorder How to recognize the major symptoms and when to get help

Bipolar disorder affects about 4% of the US population and causes symptoms like depression, fatigue, impulsivity, and periods of high energy.

What is trauma The author of ldquo The Body Keeps the Score rdquo explains

Trauma happens to everyone, but the way you respond to it determines its impact on your brain and body.


O Deserto do Atacama está localizado no norte do Chile e é um dos destinos chilenos que estão bombando no momento. É uma região com paisagens belíssimas, desertos, geisers, lagoas…

State Board Of Education Revives Effort To Require Suicide Prevention Education

Wyoming has the highest suicide rate in the nation, at more than twice the national average, and nationally, suicide is the second leading cause of death among adolescents. Advocates say suicide...

Women can say no to sex if Roe falls says architect of Texas abortion ban

Jonathan Mitchell writes in supreme court brief that ‘women can “control their reproductive lives” without access to abortion’

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